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Do I take measurement or mitigation courses?

There are actually 2 parts to the radon industry - the measurement and mitigation.  If you break them up at a high-level measurement falls under Indoor Air Quality testing services (sort of like inspections), and the mitigation is more aligned with building science construction.  A radon measurement course is a prerequisite for taking a radon mitigation course.

How long does the online course take?

It is really up to you.  That is one of the benefits of online courses.  There are no expiry dates so you can work on the course when the time is best for you.  The courses are self-paced, and so you could probably do both in a week if you were dedicated to it or take a few weeks if you just had a few hours in the evenings.   

Does my access to the course expire?

There is no expiry date on the courses.  We believe you should be able to access your information for references as long as you need.

I signed up for the course prior to April 1, 2019, and I need help with access to my courses?

If you've signed up for your online courses through certi.us prior to April 1, you'll continue access and finish your courses there.

For any questions about courses or login and password information on the CERTI site – contact them directly at:  719-477-1714.

If you have any questions about courses on this site,  just give us a shout at info@cnrtc.ca or 403.723.6665 (403.RADON OK) ... we'll be happy to help.

What are the fees for the certification course(s)?  

•    Measurement course only is $430 CAD

•    Mitigation course only is $1250 CAD

•    Both Measurement and Mitigation courses together $1500 CAD

How do I complete the mitigation mentoring program?

Mentoring is a unique part of our online mitigation course where you will complete your own mitigation system with the help of our building science expert.  You will work together over emails and phone calls to go through planning, safety, diagnostics and installation and prove that you can properly size a fan and understand how to optimise the system based on your findings.  

If I take the in-class review do I still need to complete the online course and the individual mentorship?

Yes, you will still need to complete both of the items outside of the classroom.  There is just too much information for students to retain in a week-long course.  The classroom courses are just a review of the more common techniques and give mitigation students have a chance to participate in the field where a sub-slab depressurisation system is designed and installed.

How do I write the Exam?  

Our courses are independent of the certification exams. Exams are managed and processed by C-NRPP. The certificate that C-NRPP requires prior to certification can be downloaded once the course, and if applicable mentorship, is completed.

What is your refund policy?

Consideration for refunds is given based on a case by case assessment. Once the certificate has been accessed no refunds can be provided.

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